NYPD Will Stop Confiscating Condoms From Suspected Sex Workers

  • New York City’s mayor announced today that the police department will no longer confiscate unused condemns as evidence of prostitution. Sex workers rights advocates have long pointed out that the practice discourages people — especially those at risk of being profiled as sex workers by the police — from carrying condoms in the first place. [AP]
  • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has appointed five new members to the state’s Board of Health to review women’s access to health care in the state. In particular, they will look at how the legislature has restricted access to reproductive healthcare, particularly abortion. [MSNBC]
  • The Secretary of Defense said he thinks the military’s prohibition on transgender folks serving should be reviewed. [ABC News]
  • Reproductive rights activists are protesting for 72 hours on the steps of the Missouri state Capitol building against a bill that would mandate a three-day waiting period for an abortion. [Feministing]
  • Here’s how the health care law will provide more options for pregnant women. [New York Times]
  • How welfare reform has failed single moms. [The Atlantic]
  • On bell hooks’ critique of Beyoncé. [Guardian UK]

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