Would You Feed And Talk To Your Pets Via Remote Control?

Another addition to the “high-tech kitty feeder” canon has come onto the scene, and it allows you to watch, listen to and chat with your pets long-distance via wifi. When inventor Ken Powers couldn’t find a reliable product online to feed his two cats while he was away, he decided to create his own. Enter the PetPal, which feeds your dog, cat, rabbit, or other cute critter on command with the help of an app. He wants the very best for his cats, so he put the feeder together with his trusty 40-year-old toaster in mind — built to last rather than be replaced every few years like a smartphone.

The feeder uses a motion sensor to film or photograph your fuzzy family member to ensure she’s safe and eating. If you have to leave town at a moment’s notice or simply don’t trust your rando neighbor to feed your pets on time, one of these fancy feeders might become your go-to. Or, if you’re like me, you might want to use it on days when you’d rather use a remote than get off the couch and walk across the house to pour kibble into a bowl. The PetPal is still aiming to secure its Kickstarter funding within the next few weeks.

Readers, do any of you have a fancy pet feeder? This one lets you speak to your pets through the app, and I always wondered if that would feel totally awkward? [Kickstarter]