Cristina Yang Is Leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” And I Am So Not Emotionally Prepared

Is anybody on this earth still watching “Grey’s Anatomy” besides me? It still rakes in fairly decent ratings, so I know there are at least a few of you out there. How devastated are you that Sandra Oh (aka our beloved Cristina Yang) is leaving the series? The show will have a massive hole in it without her, but I’m begrudgingly okay with it, in some sort of “circle of life” way. Sandra is off to bigger and better things, and her departure is just one more sign that “Grey’s” is no longer the show it once was. It has a new cast trickling in, and even though the series will never be as epic as the first few seasons, that’s totally okay. “Grey’s Anatomy” had to adapt to stay afloat, even if that meant losing some of the sparkle it had in the very beginning.

Cristina’s character was a big deal for television. She broke the mold of how a female lead was supposed to behave. Instead of a typical stereotype-ridden ingenue, she’s fiercely independent, complex, self-focused, and unafraid to show the less-than-pleasant parts of her personality. She’s one of a handful of career women on TV who seem to have an honest and (semi)flattering portrayal. Most working women in TV or movies are a romantic comedy trope – the neurotic beauty who is so adorably career-obsessed that she makes lists in her sleep and hopes to be rescued by a love life she has no time for. Cristina, on the other hand, certainly faces tough decisions because of her career, but they’re not of the condescending romance movie sort. One of the best parts of the series is Meredith and Cristina’s friendship, and it’s what I’ll miss the most when she leaves. ABC put together this promo of some their best moments together, and it’s a major nostalgia trip. I’ll be waiting for her final episode on the edge of my seat – and trying to somehow get emotionally ready for what will definitely be a cryfest. It airs on May 15th, so get ready! [Variety]