The Downside To Breaking Up In Public: Some Eavesdropper Will Live Tweet The Whole Damn Thing

It’s bad enough to live through your own breakup without having to endure the live-Tweeted version of it.

Unfortunately for Daniel and Serena, Tweet-happy, Toronto-based writer Dave Bidini happened to by sitting next to them in the cafe during the whole thing. Fortunately for us, he recorded the blow-by-blow in 140 character increments. 

Highlights include lines like “I think we would have known each other better by now,”  a lot of sad salad gazing, some tears from Daniel and the tragicomic realization that Daniel forgot his wallet. Of course he did. He’ll probably never eat salad again for the rest of his life. And you’ll never break up in public again.

You can read the whole breakup transcript here. [Mirror UK]