Real Reese Witherspoon Is Way More Fun Than Public Reese Witherspoon

Cara Delevingne posted two hilarious Instagram videos this week of Reese Witherspoon basically turning a celeb-filled elevator at the Met Ball into a sorority sleepover. Cara has since deleted the post, but THANK GOD the internet got its hands on it first, because I adore the moments when we get to see Reese’s actual personality, which she seems to keep on lock around the press. Reese spends the videos staring at her iPhone, failing at pronouncing Cara’s last name, and purring that the most important thing in a girl’s name is “that a man can whisper it into his pillow.”

This is one of the more coherent glimpses of her unedited self we’ve seen in a while, and I am now totally convinced that Real Reese is way more fun than Public Reese.

There is a whole other person hiding underneath that poised, Southern debutante facade she’s got going on. Sometimes Real Reese is a mess (case in point: her drunk driving incident) but most of the time (a la Cara’s video), she’s some kind of cross between total goofball and demure head cheerleader whose approval you desperately wanted in 10th grade.

She’s best pals with Chelsea Handler, so there’s no way Reese doesn’t have an epic sense of humor — and possibly a dirty mouth — when she’s not on actress duty. She’s definitely the life of every party, because who else would interrupt her own arrest to ask a cop “am I obstructing your justice?”

Real Reese would, that’s who. And I, for one, would so much rather watch her make semi-snarky comments in her Southern drawl than cross her ankles and talk about being a role model on Oprah.