That Perfect Moment When Mindy Kaling Asked Billy Crystal If Harry & Sally Would Still Be Together

Mindy Kaling: Billy, this is truly the last question I have. … Do you think that Harry and Sally would still be together now?

Billy Crystal: Yes, well this is funny. This is what Meg and I talked about on stage, I said, “Well, where are they now? What do you think?” And Meg said, “I’m very optimistic about them.”

Mindy Kaling: Yes, perfect.

Billy Crystal: And the audience just laughed. I think they’re great. You have to believe in happily ever after. It does exist sometimes. And for them, I know that it’s true.

Noted romantic comedy enthusiast Mindy Kaling interviewed Billy Crystal for Entertainment Weekly, and their back-and-forth is jam packed with hilarious anecdotes, fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, and sweet thoughts on love and movies. I just finished reading it, and now my mouth physically hurts from smiling. It’s THAT adorable. My favorite exchange is the one above, in which Billy confirms what we all already knew: Harry & Sally made it. Sigh. After the jump, read Billy’s account of how that famous orgasm scene, ahem, came about… 

“I’ll have what she’s having” happened because of a provocative conversation in pre-production when Nora started bringing up the fact that women fake orgasms. Rob went crazy and said, ‘No, no, no, no. They never did that with me.’ And she said, ‘I’m sure they have.’ And then the scene started to write itself. And then Meg said, ‘This is hilarious. I should have an orgasm in a public place.’ I said, ‘Yes, like a crowded restaurant, and it’s a big, beautiful, crazy orgasm.’ And we started laughing because we could sense, one, how much fun this would be to see, how great it would be to write, how bold to perform…then flash-forward to about four or five months later, we’re at the first test screening in Pasadena, and Rob and I are sitting in the back and no one knows we’re there, and the movie’s playing really well because it’s also cut great. He’s got such a great sense of editing. And the scene comes on and the audience is going berserk, and he and I know what’s about to happen, and then there’s one look at Estelle — that’s his mom — so we set her up where she is geographically and then it finishes, and then when she says, ‘I’ll have what she’s having.’ Mindy, I’ve heard big laughs in my life in a movie theater, and this was beyond anything I’ve ever heard before. And Rob and I held hands in the back and went, ‘Oh my God.'”

Read the whole interview here! But maybe stretch your smiling muscles first, because lord knows they’re in for a serious workout.