RIP Society: Woman Loses 128 Lbs. Because Some Drunk Guy Called Her Fat, Gets A Job At Hooters

Here’s one way to make lemonade out of lemons, ladies. Or, um, arsenic. If some drunk asshole makes a rude comment about what a fat cow you are, use it as inspiration to lose 128 lbs and get a job at Hooters — you may end up on the local news!  

Once upon a time, Cearra Swetman of Florida (always Florida) was too fat to wear a Hooters T-shirt. No, she didn’t work at Hooters yet. She was just too fat to wear their tee shirt. She learned that when “some rude dude” pointed out that at 250 lbs. she didn’t look like any Hooters waitress he’d ever seen.

Most women might have tossed a drink in that guy’s face. But Swetman was fat-shamed so badly that she lost 128 lbs. — and then got a job at Hooters. This is supposed to be a heartwarming story of persistence, grit and struggle because now she’s able to look at herself in the mirror! Gee, thanks, drunk guy! Insult anyone you please just because you don’t like they way they look! How would she ever have finished her master’s degree in business had she not lost all the weight?

This has got to be the most offensive piece of journalism I’ve seen in awhile. From the corny intro to the sister with cancer, how is this “from heavy to Hooters” tearjerker not a story for The Onion?


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