#RealMenDontBuyGirls Is Trending In Support Of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

  • Thanks to celebs like Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper, #RealMenDontBuyGirls is trending in retaliation to Boko Haram’s threats to sell to 200+ kidnapped Nigerian teenagers as sex slaves. I’m so glad that people are speaking out in favor of rescuing the girls, but I don’t love that phrase. Men are men, nobody needs to prove himself as “real” — but this is certainly better than silence.
  • On that note, publicly posting the full names of the kidnapped girls is probably doing them way more harm than good. [BuzzFeedOwning My Truth]
  • The House has approved a bill to create a US Women’s History Museum. Rep. Michele Bachmann, the only lawmaker to speak out against the museum, insisted that it “will enshrine the radical feminist movement” and could even become “an ideological shrine to abortion.” She considered a vote against the bill to be a vote in favor of traditional marriage. I’m not really seeing any of those correlations, but OK, Michele. Keep doing you. Or not. [ABC News]
  • Some great thoughts on Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton, and the way we talk about women in politics. [New Republic]
  • Rwanda has more female lawmakers any other nation. [NPR]
  • On Shailene Woodley and celebrity feminism. [PolicyMic]
  • The British government is making moves to allow female soldiers to serve in combat roles in the near future. [Daily Mail UK]
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