Shailene Woodley Defends Eating Clay To David Letterman

I’m still disappointed in Shailene Woodley’s lame reason for not being a feminist (she loves the menz!!!), but I remain a fierce fan of her dedication to an earthy, conscious lifestyle. (And in an unrelated note, holy shit, she has legggggs for daaaaaays, doesn’t she?) The “Fault In Our Stars” actress sat down with David Letterman last night and of course the ever cantankerous host poked a little fun at Shailene’s recent admission that she eats and brushes her teeth with clay. Shailene had a sense of humor about it, but also did a good job explaining that ingesting clay is done all over the world and that there are many health benefits. As I was watching this, it occurred to me that if Letterman thinks Woodley’s clay diet is weird, he’d have a field day with Alicia Silverstone’s bird feeding and placenta-eating. I would watch that interview. [via Refinery 29]