Introducing Cats 24/7, The “All Cats, All The Time” TV Channel

Our prayers have been answered! Cats 24/7 is an internet-powered TV channel that airs cats, and only cats, all day long. Why didn’t somebody come up with this brilliant idea sooner? Cats 24/7 features:

“All cats, all the time. 24/7/365. We’ve got kittens too. Meow-mazing.”

On Cat 24/7 programs with names like “Famous Felines,” “Putting Up With Humans,” and “Scaredy Cats.” Grumpy Cat, Pudge and the rest of your favorite celebrities are part of the on-screen fun, along with a slew of other kitty-centered entertainment.

To check it out for yourself, look no further than Channel 406 on Pluto.TV, an online platform that’s structured a lot like traditional television. Puppy lovers, don’t feel left out — there’s a Dogs 24/7, too, and we bet it’s just as cute as its feline counterpart.

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[Image of a cute cat via Shutterstock]