“Outdoor Channel” Host Jim Burnworth Poses With His Daughter’s Prom Date … And His Gun

This is Jim Burnworth, from the Outdoor Channel’s manly-men show “Choose Your Weapon,” which is about varieties of hunting weapons and equipment. The pretty girl next to him is his daughter, Kaity. And the young man on the other side is Kaity’s prom date, whom Burnworth is joke-threatening to shoot with his giant-ass guns. “My Daughter Kaity had Prom last night wanted her date to know that I shoot stuff for a living LOL…,” Burnworth posted on his Facebook feed, where it has gotten almost 47,000 likes and 11,000 shares from the Outdoor Channel (which joked, “What time is your curfew again?”).

Only in America would joking about shooting your daughter’s prom date garner laughs, not cringes of horror.

Look, I get that men feel protective of the women in their lives and that protectiveness can come from a well-meaning place. My older brother — both an avid hunter and a large, scary dude — has made more than a few jokes about hurting my ex-boyfriends. And I’ve always found those jokes sexist, paternalistic and unwanted (which my father understands, which is why he hasn’t made them). There’s a lot more that men can do to keep girls and women safe instead of threatening violence.

But that’s not even the half of my disgust with this photo: guns kill people. Gun violence, even pretend gun violence, is not something to joke about. Here’s a few things that I wish Burnworth — gun fan that he is — would think about before posting boneheaded pictures like this. According to the Brady Campaign:

  • An average of eight children under the age of 20 are killed by guns every day.
  • An average of 32 Americans are killed every day by guns, not to mention the average of 140 Americans who are treated with gun wounds in an emergency room.
  • A gun in the house is 22 times more likely to be used in a domestic homicide — such as domestic violence between spouses, matricide or patricide — than it is to be used in self defense.

So, ha ha ha ha, Jim Burnworth, aren’t you funny for posting this photo online? What a good father you are! How convenient for him to forget that gun violence, especially gun violence against kids, happens every damn day.

[Outdoor Channel: Jim Burnworth]
[Brady Campaign]

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[Image via Jim Burnworth on Facebook.com/ChooseYourWeapon]