May The Fourth Be With You: 13 Adorable & Adoptable Dogs And Cats With “Star Wars” Doppelgangers

As you probably know, today is May 4, which means it’s “Star Wars” Day (“May the 4th be with you!”)! I love a nerdy holiday as much as I relish an opportunity to encourage and support pet adoption, so I jumped at the chance to share these photos of dogs and cats with their “Star Wars” doppelgangers — and they’re ALL available for adoption through the ASPCA. Writes the ASPCA: “We think these dogs and cats are out of this world. Some of them came to us ‘a long time ago’ and need to find a home ‘in a galaxy far far away’ from the shelter (or just around the block, we aren’t picky as long as they are loved).” The force is strong in these sweet furry babies! Click through to see them all and, if you see one that melts your heart, check out the corresponding link for their adoption page.