Brighten Someone’s Day: Send Free Starbucks With Tweet A Coffee

The other night, I received a phone call from my bank’s fraud department alerting me that some toolbag in Michigan tried to use my debit card information to purchase $400 worth of groceries. Since my information was obviously compromised, my trusty debit card was shut down immediately. It’s going to take a week for my new card to arrive, which means that until then, I’m left with just my credit card and the spare change in my junk drawer (cash is foreign to me).

The next morning, annoyed and in need of caffeine, I tweeted about my debit card misfortune and made a joke that I was considering selling my body for coffee. Minutes later, my friend (and fellow Tweeter), Brooke, sent me a “coffee” (a $5 Starbucks card e-gift) via Tweet A Coffee. Within minutes, I had a free grande skinny vanilla latte in my hands, courtesy of my dear friend and this genius Twitter exchange.

All it takes to send a “coffee” with Tweet A Coffee are these three steps, which you can do here:

  1. Connect your Starbucks and Twitter accounts
  2. Tweet a coffee to a Twitter friend via Tweet A Coffee (you can include a personal message!)
  3. They receive a $5 Starbucks Card e-card with bar code for scanning (I used my phone.)

Look how simple! All I did was click on the link in my friend’s tweet below, verify that I was the intended recipient and walk my butt over to ‘bucks. So next time your friend needs a pick-me-up, send them some coffee and make the world a happier, more wired place. Ahhhhh.