It’s Time To Cry: Teen Takes His Great-Grandma To Prom

I want to think 19-year-old Austin Dennison, a church-going Eagle Scout who plays football, baseball, and basketball and performs in the school band, is a little goody-two-shoes. But I just can’t, because Austin is adorable. He called up his great-grandma “DD” — Delores Dennison — and asked her to be his prom date. Delores is 89 years old, a widower and suffers from heart trouble. She never attended her prom back in the 1930s, because she didn’t have enough money. So her great-grandson in Rockford, Ohio, called her up and invited her to be his senior prom date at Parkway High School.

“He was so sweet and adamant about it,” Delores told Fox News. “I asked him, ‘But are you sure that you wouldn’t like to take one of the young ladies who could get out there and do everything with you?’ He said no. ‘I want you.’” It was a bit of trouble finding a suitable prom dress for an elderly woman — “they were either too high or too low,” Delores explained, but she eventually found one. “I couldn’t disappoint him – if I had to go on my hands and knees.”

On prom night, Austin gave his great-grandma a necklace and sang her a song. He also took her to dinner at Bob Evans for pancakes. At the dance, Delores was very impressed with how polite the high school students were and enjoyed seeing them in their prom finery. And her great-grandson surprised her with a Frank Sinatra song called “How I Love The Kisses Of Delores,” which he chose, he said, “because Grandpa Ed used to sing that song to her.”

“At first she was a bit resistant,” Austin told Fox News about taking Delores to prom. “I assured her I was serious and she finally said yes. It was my privilege to take her.”

Are you crying yet?

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