French TV Host Accuses Pippa Middleton Of Wearing A Fake Butt At The Royal Wedding

Stéphane Bern is a French radio host, talk show presenter and “specialist in nobility and royalty.” Except not anymore, because he just publicly accused Pippa Middleton — the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister — of wearing a fake butt to the royal wedding.

The 50-year-old Martin Short doppleganger recently said on his French talk show:

Of course she had a false bottom. I repeat it: she had a false bottom. You take her away from that and she has normal buttocks. It was an optical illusion; she knew there were a billion people watching. It was the moment to show it.

First of all, “false bottom” sounds like there’s a trap door in Pippa’s ass that leads to a place the Nazis hid stolen gold or something. Second of all, I never thought Pippa’s behind looked particularly noteworthy in the first place — I mean, it’s a maid of honor dress, that’s not the point — so the accusations that she went so far as to sport a padded butt are beyond silly to me.

One thing is for sure: Stéphane Bern is not getting any exclusives with the British royal family ever.

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