Beauty Test Drive: Topshop Magic Eyeliner

Every time someone takes a photo of me, I hear my mother’s voice saying, “Open your eyes!” You see, in my family, I have the smallest eyes. My mother and sisters all have round faces and Bambi like brown eyes.  Over the years I have learned to fake the wide eye look with dramatic eyeliner and thus am almost as obsessed with eyeliner as I am with eyebrow kits. I have tried everything from mechanical pencils to liquid formulas to and pot liners. I love the look of liquid eyeliner but hate the mess it makes. The stuff is runny and takes way too long to dry. When we received this Magic Liner, I jumped at the chance to Beauty Test Drive it.

Price: $20, Topshop

Application: This eyeliner has a pointy felt tip applicator for optimal precision. The key to applying this eyeliner is a steady hand.  Start by closing your eyelid and hold your eyelid skin taught by pulling gently at the outer edge of your eye.  Aim for as close to the lash line as possible and in one smooth movement outline your lashes. The goal is to create a smooth line. If your line has wrinkles, quickly smooth the line by running the tip of your finger along the line. This will smudge it slightly before it dries. If your line doesn’t touch the lash line simply fill the gap with the tip. You can’t layer too much of this product. It is as light as ink without running down your face.

Beauty Test Drive: TopShop Magic Liner 2 Looks

Results: I love this product and wear it daily! The felt tip is pointy without being rough on the eyelids. It’s easy to use for simple or dramatic looks, and lasts all day. Avoid swimming or hysterical crying in this liner. It’s not waterproof!

Beauty Test Drive: TopShop Magic Liner

Results: 5/5