Are You Paying Too Much For Your Haircuts? (Hint: Probably)

Mobile payment company Square recently announced they’ve found the national average for a women’s haircuts comes in at $44. That’s not as egregious as some regional averages, but it could definitely be cheaper! Nationwide, women’s haircuts were found to be 50 percent more expensive than men’s, with the average cost for a men’s haircut is only $28.

Not surprisingly, New York City is the most expensive place in the country to get your hair done, as the average women’s haircut in Manhattan costs — gulp — $73. Excuse me while both my soul and my wallet shrivel into a million pieces. San Francisco and Los Angeles are close runners-up, with women’s haircuts averaging at $71 and $69 respectively. Dallas and Chicago tie at $61. Minnesota came in as the cheapest city for hair-conscious ladies, with cuts averaging at $41 — that explains why I was getting such a sweet deal in the Midwest! The biggest disappointment from this data (and clearly, there are lots of disappointments here) is that many people don’t tip for their haircuts. Always tip!

I was lucky enough to have the same amazing stylist in the Midwest for about eight years. He gives his clients an insane discount and that was the only way I could feasibly fit regular hair touch-ups into my budget because, let’s be real, hair is so expensive. Here in New YorkCity, it is damn near impossible to find an affordable hairstylist. I’ve relied on word-of-mouth to find hidden gems and bounced from salon to salon after each ended up more expensive than I’d expected. But it’s not exactly something I can totally skimp on, either: my hair is thick and unruly if it isn’t kept under control by pros from time to time. My home haircutting skills aren’t too shabby and save me some cash. Alas, my DIY highlight memories from 8th grade are too traumatic to try to recreate. Sometimes, a girl just needs a professional — so I space out my touch-ups a few weeks longer than I should or try to go to beauty school salons.

Do any of you cut or color your hair at home? Any tips you’d like to share?

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[Image of a woman getting a haircut via Shuttershock]