15 Life Lessons We Learned From Tim McGraw Songs

Contrary to popular belief, Tim McGraw is more than just sex on a stick. In his 24-year career as one of country music’s greatest singers, he’s racked up three Grammys, 14 ACM Awards, 11 CMA Awards, 10 American Music Awards, 3 People’s Choice Awards, and the prestigious Katie And Winona Award For Country Music DILF of the Year (spoiler alert: he ties with Luke Bryan every year). He’s also a father of three girls, married to Faith Hill, son of the late Tug McGraw, and the hottest man to wear a cowboy hat since … ever. To pay tribute to Tim on his 47th birthday(!) we’re taking a look at 15 of his classic song lyrics that have taught us valuable life lessons while we belted them out in the car. Turns out this country bad boy is full of fortune cookie-worthy wisdom!

The Life Lesson: The only constant in life is change.
The Song: “Things Change”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “As long as this world is turning/ Things are gonna change”

The Life Lesson: Time goes on, but you’ll never forget your first love.
The Song: “Something Like That”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Like an old photograph/Time can make a feeling fade/But the memory of a first love never fades away”

The Life Lesson: Never say never
The Song: “The Trouble With Never”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “If I never think about her, I’ll never miss her at all/Never wonder what she’s doin, never give her a call/Never see her again and I’ll be free as a bird/But the trouble with never is never never works”

The Life Lesson: Life may get you down, but you have to keep on moving.
The Song: “Carry On”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Nobody ever said that life was gonna be fair/You’re never gonna get nowhere by running scared/If you look down deep inside you’ll find the faith to make you strong/What don’t kill us makes us strong, carry on”

The Life Lesson: Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.
The Song: “For A Little While”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “And she’s gone but she let me with a smile/Cause she was mine for a little while”

The Life Lesson: Nobody’s perfect, but we can all strive to be slightly better versions of ourselves.
The Song: “Better Than I Used To Be”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “I ain’t as good as I’m gonna get/But I’m better than I used to be”

The Life Lesson: Don’t fall down without getting back up.
The Song: “I Will Not Fall Down”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “The same world that lifts you up can put you in your place/What they call progress will never wait for me”

The Life Lesson: To achieve greatness, you must believe in yourself.
The Song: “Only Human”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Finding out you’re only human is hard/I want to change the world but I don’t know where to start/And I am bold enough to believe there is hope among the ruins/Finding out you’re only human”

The Life Lesson: Life is precious, so don’t take a moment of it for granted.
The Song: “Live Like You Were Dying”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dyin’/Like tomorrow was a gift/And ya got eternity to think about what to do with it”

The Life Lesson: It’s never too late to start over.
The Song: “My Next 30 Years”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “My next thirty years will be the best years of my life/Raise a little family and hang out with my wife/Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear/Make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years”

The Life Lesson: Money can’t buy happiness; it’s all about your outlook.
The Song: “Last Dollar (Fly Away)”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “I’m down to my last dollar/ I’ve walked right though my shoes/Just a small reminder of the hell that I’ve gone through/But look at me still smiling/As I’m wondering what I’ll do/Since I ain’t got nothing/ I’ve got nothing to lose”

The Life Lesson: Holding onto anger and regret is a choice, and you can always choose to let it go.
The Song: “Let It Go”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Choices and mistakes, they all know my name/But I’m through holding in and holding onto all that pain”

The Life Lesson: You don’t fully appreciate how much your hometown influenced you until you get away.
The Song: “Sing Me Home”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Sometimes you don’t know where you’re from til you leave”

The Life Lesson: Don’t write off the bad boys quite yet…
The Song: “Real Good Man”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “I may be a real bad boy/But baby I’m a real good man”

The Life Lesson: Live in the now.
The Song: “All We Ever Find”
The Lyric That Drove It Home: “Embrace the gift of time/Promising forever/Knowing that this moment/Might be all we ever find”