Nigerian Women March To Urge Government To Act On 230 Kidnapped Schoolgirls

  • Nearly 500 women marched through Abuja, Nigeria, to press the government to the seek the release of 230 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, a group of Islamic militants, two weeks ago. Boko Haram, which doesn’t believe in educating women, kidnapped the students from their boarding school in the middle of the night; four students were able to escape. Today, the protesters marched to deliver a letter to the government urging them to do anything necessary to secure the girls’ release. Relatives are claiming the girls, who are teens, have been sold as “brides” — i.e. sex slaves — to members of Boko Haram for $12. [BBC, Washington Post]
  • Historical examples of gaslighting. [The Maude]
  • Samantha Stendal and Aaron Blanton, students at the University of Oregon, won a Peabody Award for their 25-second-long anti-rape video that went viral in 2013. Congratulations! [Oregon Live]
  • An Uber driver in Paris, France, has been fired for refusing to drive openly gay customers in his car. [Queerty]
  • One of the first-ever British women to seek help at a domestic violence shelter in the UK looks back on her experience in 1973. Jenny Smith had been told by a priest, doctor and psychiatrist to “make peace” with her violent husband before she finally fled to a London shelter called Chiswick Women’s Aid with her two young children. [Guardian UK]
  • What is the “glass cliff” and is General Motors’ new CEO Mary Barra on it? [The New Yorker]
  • Are we surprised that a Long Island man who owns an “I (HEART) ASIAN GIRLS” T-shirt was arrested for taking an upskirt photo of a woman in a subway station? [Jezebel]
  • I have to say I’m pretty psyched to read the graphic novel Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent In Drag. [Queerty]
  • Here’s 20-year-old journalist Nellie Bly’s 1885 response to a chauvinist jerk. [BrainPickings]

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