Maren Sanchez, 16, Stabbed To Death In Connecticut After Allegedly Turning Down Prom Invite

A 16-year-old girl named Maren Sanchez was stabbed to death by a male classmate in a Milford, Connecticut, high school today, allegedly after she turned down an invitation to the junior prom tonight.

Sanchez was a junior and Honor Society student at Jonathan Law High School. Students told the Connecticut Post that she was asked to the dance by an ex-boyfriend and when she turned him down, he slashed her across the throat.  The attack happened around 7:15 a.m., during first period, in a first-floor hallway. A teacher intervened and the attacker was restrained, but Sanchez was pronounced dead a half hour later at a local hospital. The school’s prom has since been rescheduled.

Domestic violence stories of this nature never fail to hit me in the gut. How is it that young men are taught they are owed something from a woman? How is it that they are taught that it’s okay to lash out at someone who tells you “no”?  It’s devastating that a young man could do this at all but especially over something as silly as prom. Now a promising young life has been lost.

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