“Fun Home,” Gay-Themed Play Based On Alison Bechdel Memoir, Performs In South Carolina & Miraculously No One Was Converted To Homosexuality

Back in February, some jerk politicians in South Carolina threatened cut the College of Charleston’s budget because they didn’t like the books that freshman were assigned to read for 2013 orientation. Those books were Out Loud: The Best Of Rainbow Radio, which tells the story of South Carolina’s first LGBT radio show, a Fun Home, a graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel. Legislators advanced bills that would cut funds in the amount that was spent on implementing the orientation’s reading campaigns.

This week, the off-Broadway cast of “Fun Home,” a new show based on Bechdel’s (amazing) 2006 memoir about being the lesbian daughter of a closeted gay father, performed to sold out audiences at the school’s Memminger Auditorium. “Fun Home” the play was recently named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Miraculously, no one who attended the performances has suddenly become came. It’s still early yet, though.

The cast of “Fun Home” volunteered to perform in Charleston and Bechdel herself appeared at the shows. A member of the production team confirmed to South Carolina’s Post And Courier that no state money was used to support the play — although that’s hardly the point, as college is supposed to be about LEARNING THINGS and BEING EXPOSED TO NEW IDEAS. What next, are we going to cut the funding for biology classes because some people don’t believe in evolution? (Wait, don’t give them any ideas.)

Not surprisingly, Republican State Senator Larry Grooms threatened more budget cuts to the university after it hosted the play. “If lessons weren’t learned over there, the Senate may speak a little bit louder than the House. There would be a number of members in the Senate that would have a great interest in fixing the deficiencies at the College of Charleston,” Grooms threatened. Time to vote these assholes out, South Carolina.

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