Attention, Cat Ladies: Kittyo App Lets You Hang Out With Your Cat Long-Distance

Does the thought of missing Mr. Bojangles’ adorably pawing at shadows on the wall give you social anxiety?  Kittyo, an intriguing/obnoxious new app, will allow you to hang out with your cat via iPhone remote control when you’re not home.

Kittyo features a webcam for owners to check in on their cats, a remote-controlled laser pointer for playing, and a treat dispenser. “Pet parents” can even talk to their pets from afar — all of it controlled through a smartphone.  

The idea came to inventor Lee Miller while he was cat-sitting for a friend. “Cats are members of the family, so it’s hard for cat parents to simply say goodbye for long periods of time, especially for the 55 percent of Americans who have more than one cat,” he said in a press release. Miller is hoping to have the first Kittyo units for sale by November and price them at around $189. In the few short days since he originally posted the project on Kickstarter, Miller has raised over $162,000 exceeding his $30,000 goal by a landslide. Apparently, people really miss their cats when they’re away at work.

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