Not This Crap Again: Girl Kicked Out Of Prom For Wearing Pants

A North Carolina high school senior was kicked out of her high school prom not because she was sneaking booze, not because she was humping on the dance floor, but because she was wearing pants.

Shafer Rupard from  Cherryville, North Carolina, showed up to her prom rocking her adorable Justin Bieber-esque haircut and wearing red skinny jeans, a leather jacket and a hat. She was allowed into the Senior Prom at Cherryville Golf & Country Club, but then was approached on the dance floor by a teacher and asked to leave.

“The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing,” Rupard told WBTV news. “I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I’ll take those off and she was like no, it’s the pants.”

The student and her mom couldn’t find anything on the prom invitation or in the student handbook’s dress code about girls having to wear dresses at prom. It seems much more likely that someone wasn’t happy with her gender presentation. And it’s not just a teacher at Cherryville High School who is forcing gender stereotypes onto students: ThinkProgress has a roundup of other schools that have made life difficult for kids who don’t follow gender norms.

At least Rupard’s mom has got her back. Said Shawn McQuaige, “It’s just the way she’s always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin. We want to put out the message to all teenagers that you should be allowed to be yourself.”

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