Beauty Test Drive: Pixi Cheek Sheen

UPDATE, 12:30p.m.:  Oh no! We regret to inform you that Pixi has gotten in touch with us say these new Cheeks Stains from the brand’s spring line won’t be produced, due to production issues. If you’re jonesing for a similar look, you may want to try Pixi’s Sheer Cheek Gel instead.

Nothing against makeup brushes, but they’re kind of a pain in the butt to clean. Any way I can, I prefer to use beauty products in stick form, which can be applied directly onto my face. That’s why — in addition to the versatile and flattering colors — I was extremely interested in the Pixi Cheek Sheen from Target. (Sorry, Tar-jay.)

Availability: $16, or Target stores

Application: Pixi’s Cheek Sheen come in three different shades: I tried Angel Pink (blush) and Touch Of Tan (bronzer), samples of which were given to me for free by Pixi. The third shade, Gold Glow, is a highlighter. All the stains come in deodorant-sized tubes with a twist-y cap that comes off. Despite the amount of product inside each Sheen, they’re very light.

There’s something very satisfying about smearing a big stick on your cheek and having your makeup application be basically done. For the blush, I rubbed large, swirling circular motions on my cheeks and then swept it back along my cheekbones. For the bronzer, I made smaller swipes under my cheekbones and then rubbed them in with my fingers. The result is dewy and natural-looking, an effect much more common to creams over powders (and especially ideal for dry skin).

Overall: These are so easy! The products are lightweight and have a normal wear time. I’m very happy with the quality of the products and I’d happily spend my own money to replace then when I’m done. The Angel Pink is really versatile on all skin tones (and I would guess the highlighter would be as well). While pink may seem too young or feminine, and certainly does not sounds as sexy as “Orgasm” blush, my personal opinion of the Pixi Cheek Sheen was that it gave me a very natural, post-sex-looking flush.

Rating: 5/5


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