This Interview With, Like, The World’s, Like, Youngest Fashion Designer Is HILARIOUS

Want to meet the youngest fashion designer in the world? Trust us, the answer is yes. One hundred times yes.

Cecilia Cassini is a legitimate fashion designer who has her own online retail store and sells her designs at Fred Segal. Oh, and she is a NATIONAL TREASURE. She must have taken some extensive classes from Cher Horowitz before she stepped in front of the cameras, because this 11-year-old is pure valley girl. How does all of that ‘tude fit into such a small person? Some highlights of her interview: She asked for a sewing machine for her sixth birthday, she didn’t like her sewing teacher “’cause she was, like, rude,” says she loves designing dresses for little girls because “I don’t think they need pants,” and calls Karl Lagerfeld and Diane von Furstenburg “works of art.” Amazeballs.