Saudi Arabia Licenses First-Ever Female Pilot

  • Meet 35-year-old Hanadi Al-Hindi, the first-ever licensed female pilot in Saudi Arabia. So Saudi women can fly airplanes but not drive cars? Oh, that’s right, driving ruins women’s ovaries. [Arab News]
  • On white supremacy and the suffrage (women’s right to vote) movement. [The Toast]
  • Of course Louisiana might force women seeking abortions to read a pamphlet about “abortion risks” written by abortion opponents. [Think Progress]
  • How the director of North Dakota’s only abortion clinic found an unexpected ally. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A 10th country has ratified a European treaty on violence against women, meaning the treaty will go into effect on August 1. The Istanbul Convention creates standards for the prevention and prosecution of violence against women and directs countries who ratified the treaty to create services for victims of violence. Participating countries are Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey. [Human Rights Watch]
  • Prison doesn’t address underlying traumas in many female inmates. [Guardian UK]
  • How Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” is extremely problematic in its portrayals of Black women. [The Root]
  • Janet Gray Hayes, the first-ever female mayor of San Jose, California, has died at 87. When she was elected in 1974, she was the first woman to ever have been elected to lead a city of more than half a million people. [San Jose Mercury News]

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