Conspiracy Theorists Think The Rapper Pitbull Predicted The Malaysian Airlines Crash/Disappearance 2 Years Ago

Welp, now I’ve heard everything. A few conspiracy theorists have decided that the rapper Pitbull predicted the Malaysian Airlines plane crash/disappearance two years ago in his song “Get It Started” (above). These folks with too much time on their hands — i.e. YouTube commenters — say the lyrics to the song makes references to certain aspects of the plane’s mysterious disappearance. Specifically, “No Ali, No Frasier, but for now off to Malaysia” and “Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.” According to the UK’s Daily Mirror:

Viewers on YouTube are convinced the two passports is a reference to the stolen Austrian and Italian passports used by two Iranians to board MH370. They also believe the three cities refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China and Vietnam and the two countries are Malaysia and Vietnam. Furthermore, they assert the lyrics “No Ali, No Frasier, but for now off to Malaysia” are a reference to Mr Ali, the man who bought tickets for the two Iranians to travel on board MH370.

Listen, I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person who spends time late at night reading about the Illuminati, but I’m doubtful about this. Seems like a pretty obvious, if intriguing, coincidence. I mean, if you try hard enough, you can find any hidden meaning you want in song lyrics. Besides, Shakira would never. I think we all want answers about where the hell that plane went, but I don’t think listening to, ick, Pitbull is going to uncover anything but a headache. [Mirror UK]