Beauty Test Drive: Topshop Lip Cream Vs. Lipstick

Ever see four versions of the same lip color and wonder WTF is the difference? Welcome to my world. I started wearing bold lip colors about a year ago and I find myself at a loss when offered too many options. Luckily I work at The Frisky and get to Beauty Test Drive several colors without breaking the bank. Topshop sent me two bright orangey lip colors to test out — but how were they different and which did I prefer? Let’s find out…

Lip Cream: $14, Topshop

Lipstick: $16, Topshop

Application: The lip cream comes with a nifty wand for precise application. The cream, unlike most lip glosses, is opaque. This creamy lip color goes on thick and stays moist over time. In contrast, the lipstick is bright and lightweight. One coat provided dramatic results.

Beauty Test Drive: TopShop Orangey Red Lip Color

Results: I found the cream to be too heavy. I was constantly aware of its presence on my lips, sticky and thick, and I was in constant fear of a serious smudging fail. After two hours, my lips looked patchy, forcing me to reapply. The lipstick, on the other hand, was far more forgiving. I wore it to lunch and was pleasantly surprised that it had barely faded by the time I was done eating. There was no rush to reapply.

Although the lip cream is easier apply, the lipstick produces a smoother finish. If you’re debating between these two, go for the lipstick.

Lip Cream Rating: 2/5

Lipstick Rating: 4/5