Awesome #NotABully Photo Series Aims To Change Public Opinion On Pit Bulls

The general public is slowly coming around to the idea that pit bulls and other “bully breeds” are not the violent, aggressive, killing machines that they’ve been made out to be for so long. However, the tide isn’t turning quickly enough for the thousands of sweet bully dogs who are languishing in shelters, passed over in favor of breeds with better reputations. Some truly sad statistics: 40% of all unadopted dogs in shelters are bully breeds, and 22% of shelters immediately euthanize all pit bulls, with no consideration of their personal temperament or circumstances. Photographer Douglas Sonders has spent the last two years working to change that. He started the #NotABully campaign to show the true character of bully breeds, through portraits and stories.

“Shelters are crowded with loving bully breed dogs,” Sonders writes on the campaign’s website, “cruelly limited in their chances of finding forever homes. Through beautiful portraits and inspiring rescue stories, Not A Bully hopes to eradicate the negativity towards these deserving pets and give them a fighting chance at a forever home!”

The NAB website also contains some fascinating gems about the kind nature of these wrongfully maligned pooches. For example, did you know that bully breed dogs scored better on temperament tests than 121 other breeds, including beagles and collies? I totally didn’t. “In fact,” Sonders adds, “many bully breed dogs have served as service dogs, in military operations, in drug enforcement, and as therapy dogs.” So awesome. Hopefully, after seeing Sonders’ soulful portraits and reading important info like this, people will be much more likely to consider adopting a bully breed.

You can check out more #NotABully portraits here, and follow the campaign on Facebook for updates and ways you can help. And if you’re the proud owner of a rescued bully breed dog, please feel free to sing your pup’s praises in the comments section! We’d love to hear about them.

[Via Laughing Squid]