Terry Richardson Reportedly Offering Vogue Photo Shoots In Exchange For Sex

Pervtographer Terry Richardson is (allegedly) at it again! Yesterday, model Emma Appleton (right) posted the above screenshot (left) of a Facebook message she received from Richardson, outright offering her a spot in a Vogue shoot if she agreed to fuck him. Hmm, I wonder if Anna Wintour approved of this? Appleton posted the screenshot initially to Instagram, but when Gawker and other media outlets picked up on the story, she deleted the photo and her Twitter. Richardson’s rep, who sure is being kept busy these last few months, told Buzzfeed, “This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text.”

Well, it’s not a text, it’s a Facebook message received via the messenger app. But also, how is it “obviously” a fake? Is there some “obvious” Photoshop giveaway that I’m missing? Is, say, Terry Richardson’s real Facebook account under a different name and therefore this isn’t him? I mean, how is it OBVIOUSLY fake? I’m just wondering.

On one hand, it seems incredibly dumb to be throwing around sex-for-Vogue offers right now, in lieu of allllll the other allegations against Richardson. But then again, Richardson has been allowed to get away with shit just like this for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was arrogant enough to be this obvious. After all, at least four models — Jamie Peck, Charlotte Waters,  Liskula Cohen, and Rie Rasmussen — have come forward, under their own names, and have told strikingly similar stories about Richardson’s predatory behavior and the pressure they felt to allow Richardson to defile them or else face ostracization from the fashion industry that embraces him and his deeply mediocre “talent.” And no one in a position of any sort of power within that industry has done or said a thing. Richardson, for his part, has dismissed the allegations as a “witch hunt.”

So yeah, I’m definitely inclined to believe the screenshot Appleton posted is not only real, but commonplace. How long until someone — at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marc Jacobs, or any of the other magazines and fashion brands who continue to employ him — has the guts to say NO MORE to this creep? [Gawker]