Terminally Ill Woman Needs A New Home For Her Beloved Dog

Patricia Cudd, a Colorado woman, has been living in a motel room with her dog Sherlock for the past several years. However, her time there is coming to an end – Cudd has Stage 4 breast cancer and doctors have told her she only has a few months left to live.

She tearfully told 9News, “I laid awake all night because I have so many things I still want to do.” Instead, life has dealt her a hand she didn’t choose. What she can choose, however, is where Sherlock will live after she’s gone.

Patricia’s health is declining and she’s no longer able to care for Sherlock in a way she feels he deserves, so she turned to local news outlets to ask viewers in her community to give him a loving home. Sherlock has been a great joy in her life, even curling up to watch movies with her after tough chemotherapy treatments, but she doesn’t have the energy to run outside with him like she used to. “He’s taught me to have fun! To just plain have fun. To go outside, look at the sun and enjoy life.”

After she rescued the sweet-natured pit bull from a shelter a few years ago, Patricia came across many landlords who wouldn’t allow the dog to live on their property. She’s worried that the breed’s reputation will make it tough for Sherlock to find a place to live. Luckily, hundreds of people have already come forward offering a home to Sherlock, and Patricia is sorting through them to make a decision about her dog’s future. Her story, at least to me, is such a stark reminder of how quickly our lives can be cut short. On a morning spent caught up in my own thoughts over petty things that don’t matter, she reminded me that none of us know how much time we really have – so we’d better use it to focus on the stuff that really matters.

“I have to place him somewhere. It breaks my heart,” she told the Coloradoan. “But if he could go to a good home, you know, it would help me so much. It would give me peace.”