Increase Your Confidence With These Style And Body Language Tips

In a recent study conducted by Marshalls, 75 percent of the 1000 women surveyed admitted to having said “No” to various activities and invitations due to a lack of confidence. Are you shocked? I’m not. I’ve been there. Raise your hand if you’re among the 55 percent of women who’ve declined party invitations or the 40 percent who have passed up on career opportunities because you didn’t feel confident. It has to stop! Think of all the missed romantic, social, and professional opportunities.

Marshalls invited Katie and I to meet with body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass and celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart to learn some tips on how we can encourage ourselves feel more confident.

1. Posture: Begin by lifting your chin, rolling your shoulder blades back, and tightening your lower abdominal muscles. This will lengthen and straighten the spine, making you stand taller and instantly giving you an air of confidence. Stand with the confidence you want not the confidence you have, right?

2. Oxygenate: Before you enter a date, interview or presentation, slowly take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. The oxygen will clear your mind and calm your nerves.

3. Style It: It is no coincidence that 60 percent of women say fashion plays a significant role in their confidence. When you feel self-conscious in your clothes, you tend to excessively fidget, a big red flag that you’re not feeling your best. Wearing a favorite outfit that’s stylish, comfortable and flattering can give you that extra bounce in your step.

Looking for a confidence booster? Celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart says “know your body” and “add a pop of color.” If you feel more comfortable in flats, go for it. If you stand a little taller in heels, strut your stuff. Don’t be afraid of the dressing room and pay attention to fit. If you fall in love with an item, don’t be afraid to have it tailored. When you buy a designer dress for less at Marshalls, you can afford to spend the extra $10 bucks to adjust the darts or hem.

Don’t be among the 40 percent of women who fail to try new fashion trends or experiment with bold colors and patterns. After trying on multiple looks, Katie and I took home our favorites! We were both surprised to find ourselves going home with items we might not have considered trying on before. Success!

Find Your Confidence