Beauty Test Drive: LORAC Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation Pen

As a lady with more than a little redness on her face, concealer is one of my must-have beauty products. Concealers come in many forms, like sticks, tubes, and pots, but my particular favorite is a pen or wand. With a foundation wand, you can apply it directly onto your skin and pat it down with the applicator yourself — that way, you never have to touch your face with your dirty fingers. (Do I really need to remind you that touching your face is BAD for your skin?) Plus, it’s super easy to carry in your purse for touchups throughout your day. LORAC clearly had this in mind with their new Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation Pen, which I’m happy to report is part of my daily beauty routine now.

Availability: $28,

Application: The easiness of LORAC’s Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation pen can’t be beat — this is a perfect product for someone who’s not really into “doing makeup” but still wants a fast way to cover blemishes. Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation comes in a Magic Marker-sized pen with a brush/applicator and the concealer inside. It comes out through the brush from a click-y button the bottom — be careful, though, if you click too hard, the concealer splurt out! Once you click the concealer onto your brush, you can daub it all over the areas on your face you’d like to conceal. The high-quality brush makes it easy to blend concealer in swipes or circles without leaving any lines. If you need to use Touch-Up To Go as all-over your face as foundation, that’s possible, too (although perhaps not the best use of a small product). It goes on light, so to use it as foundation, you would need to apply multiple layers.

Beauty Test Drive: LORAC Concealer

Overall: I keep Touch-Up To Go in my purse for times that I need some quick coverage at work or while I’m out. I’ve used it on redness, zits, AND undereye circles (although ideally, undereye circles should be covered with yellow cream first) and even though the coverage is light, it does the job. My biggest complaint about the Concealer/Foundation pen is that sometimes when I’ve clicked the pen, the concealer has dripped off it in a blob instead of sticking to the brush. Fortunately, it hasn’t dripped on any of my clothes, but it has dripped onto the sink in The Frisky bathroom a few times. However, if you hold the applicator carefully, that’s not a problem. LORAC sent me this product for free to review, but I’m not sure whether I’ll replace it with my own money when it runs out.

Rating: 4/5


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