Penelope Popcorn Is The Most Stylish Pig You’ve Ever Met

Meet Penelope Popcorn, an Instagram star whose clothes are probably more awesome than yours (and mine!). At first I was as weirded out by her pictures as you probably are, but now I can’t decide whether I’m more impressed by her adorable name or her array of hair ribbons.

Penelope is a 28 lb., potty-trained household pet to a family of three living in California. The one-year-old Juliana purebreed’s owner says she’s been dressed up and had her nails painted since she was very young, so posing for photos is routine.  According to her owner:

“My teenage son and daughter came up with the idea to make an Instagram account during Christmas break. It was their project, and thought it might be fun to show other people how cute she was with her routines and outfits and sweet personality. … She actually enjoys the photo shoots, since she gets treats – she likes headbands with flowers and bows the most, as they aren’t restrictive, but she also likes a warm, cozy sweater when it’s cold outside.”

I do feel like Penelope has that Internet star “it” factor in her blood. And there’s something charming about a cute pig amongst the sea of dogs and cats striving for their 15 minutes of fame on the interwebs. She has over 40,000 followers, so apparently others feel the same way.


[Image via Instagram]

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