Beauty Test Drive: The Benefit Brow Treatment

Jessica and I were invited to the Benefit Boutique in Soho to meet with “Project Runway” mentor Nick Verreos, “Under The Gunn” winner Oscar Garcia-Lopez, and Benefit global beauty authority Annie Ford Danielson. Annie unveiled the new Benefit apron designed by Oscar as we all discussed the little things that can transform how a woman feels about herself. When asked, I said that I feel like I look my best with defined eyebrows. Let me tell you, the beauty experts at Benefit take eyebrows very seriously. When they offered a full service brow treatment, I jumped at the chance to have a beautician tend to these caterpillars.

Gimme Brow Price: $22, Benefit

Application: So what does a full work up include? It begins with brow tinting, threading, plucking, and a little Gimme Brow filler.

Beauty Test Drive Benefit Brow Bar Brow Tint

Step 1: Brow tinting can benefit anyone with sparse or light hair coloring. First vaseline is applied around the brows to protect skin from the dye. Then dye is applied to the brow area, darkening finer, lighter hairs that were previously invisible. This permanent makeup lasts 3-4 weeks before fading.

Beauty Test Drive Benefit Brow Bar Brow Shaping

Step 2 & 3: Benefit offers customers the option between waxing or threading. I prefer threading to waxing. After a quick consultation, the beautician cleaned and shaped my brows, removing any remaining stray hairs with tweezers.

Beauty Test Drive Benefit Brow Bar Brow Shaping Results

In the first consultation, I said that I doubted that brow tinting would darken my sparse brows. My brow beautician proved me wrong. You can already see the difference!

Beauty Test Drive Benefit Brow Bar Brow Makeup

Step 4: The makeup artists used Gimme Brow to fill in the gaps. The formula uses fiber gel (often found in mascaras) which adheres to the brow’s skin and hair. The artists applied multiple coats to the sparser tails of my brows for a fuller look.

Results: If you can make your way to a Benefit Brow Bar, I highly recommend treating yourself. If you can’t find a Benefit Brow Bar, give Gimme Brow a shot. Unlike the dramatic brow created by LORAC’s Take A Brow Kit, Benefit’s Gimme Brow provides a more natural-looking eyebrow. This is a great, easy-to-use product for darker fuller brows.

Rating: 5/5