Johnny Weir Will Only Get Back With His Hubby If There Will Be No Mutual Masturbation Outside The Marriage

Good news, sort of: figure skater Johnny Weir and his estranged hubby, Victor Voronov, have changed their minds about getting a divorce — but not without signing a bizarre post-nup. When the pair decided to get back together this weekend, Voronov asked that Weir sign a document that apologized for bad-mouthing Voronov to the press and promised to keep Weir’s mom outta their marriage. (Good luck with the  mother-in-law problem, hon.)

In response, Weir wrote up a five-page document that includes the types of behavior that he considers cheating, like sex outside the marriage, kissing others, sexting, Grindr and — wait for it — mutual masturbation.

The document insists that if Weir or Voronov is in a situation in which they’re close to someone from their past, like an ex, or “someone to be part of the future,” the other can veto it. The post-nup even demands that the couple undergoes STD testing every six months with the results read while both are in the room. Oh, and if they do ever get divorced, any gifts they received during the marriage belong to the receiver.

I don’t know what went down preceding their almost-divorce — apparently Voronov was sending naked sexts to other men over Grinder, hence that specific item — but I can only assume it was damn messy to warrant something like this. Or maybe modern marriage just has couples behaving way more cautiously? Best of luck, Johnny and Victor!


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