India Rules To Recognize Transgender Folks As A “Third Gender”

  • India’s Supreme Court has ruled that transgender folks have a right to identify as “third gender” or hijra. The ruling also directs the government to provide trans folks in India with quotas in education and jobs and to ensure they have adequate medical care in hospitals. Both Nepal and Bangladesh also recognize third genders. [BBC]
  • Iran will reportedly execute a 26-year-old rape victim named Reyhaneh Jabbari because she fatally stabbed the man she claims drugged and raped her. [CNN]
  • On women and the “confidence gap.” [The Atlantic]
  • Why race can’t be stripped out of the gender wage gap conversation. [The Nation]
  • Sixteen female media entrepreneurs whose digital startups deserve as much attention as Vox is getting … [Columbia Journalism Review]
  • … like our friends at The Toast, which is profitable after just nine months. [AdWeek]
  • The International Women’s Media Foundation has announced a photojournalism award for women in honor of Anja Niedringhaus, who was killed in Afghanistan on April 4. [IWMF]
  • One-hundred girl students are thought to have been abducted by gunmen from a school in Nigeria. [BBC]
  • Why is there still a stigma around paternity leave? [Fusion]
  • Nine historic euphemisms for sex stuff that are far more interesting than “vajayjay.” [xoJane]

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