The Pros & Cons Of City Vs. Suburban Shopping

Most of us at The Frisky are originally country mice — in some cases, suburban mice — who moved to a larger city just as soon as we could. But all of us visit our families often, which means a trip back to the ‘burbs of our youth. And often while visiting family, we need to get out of the house, so we find a reason to hit the mall. Or shopping center. Or the outlets. Or all three. There’s much to love about a city lifestyle (the bars don’t close at 10 p.m., mainly) but we won’t deny that almost getting hit by an SVU in a Target parking lot has a certain charm to it.

Here is our definitive breakdown on the pros and cons of suburban vs. city shopping.

Pros Of Suburban Shopping:

  • Sometimes there’s nothing else fun to do. Sorry, but it’s true.
  • The pickings aren’t as slim. Thanks, everyone in the suburbs who only wears sweatpants and Uggs!
  • Hitting the shops feels like more of a special occasion, because you don’t pass Gap every day at lunch.
  • Big box stores are often in clusters, so you can hit up Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Target all at once.
  • Snobbishness of employees hits an all-time low.
  • A car to load up your bags! And you can leave your winter coat in the car instead of lugging it around.
  • Indoor or connected shopping areas keep your ‘do looking fresh.

Cons Of Suburban Shopping:

  • How does Yankee Candles manage to stink up such a large radius?
  • Fewer unique brands and independent shops are way less limited. (But that’s what online shopping is for.)
  • Large groups of teenagers hogging all the tables in the mall food court.
  • Weird shit stuff smeared on the bottom of your shopping cart. That’s not poop, is it?
  • Parking is mobbed on weekends.

Pros Of City Shopping:

  • Look at this vast array of shit that you don’t need!
  • Less strollers, because there’s just no room.
  • Everything is smooshed together, so you can easily hit the shops after a boozy brunch.
  • You’re less likely to run into your sixth grade English teacher, your mom’s best friend, and your ex’s new girlfriend all in one trip.
  • Pretty lights around the holidays!

Cons Of City Shopping:

  • Waaaay too many stores you can’t afford to shop in.
  • Stores can be really far away from each other, which means you spend more time traveling than you do shopping.
  • You have to carry your heavy bags yourself. And schlepping bags home on public transportation is a pain in the ass.
  • Tourists. Tourists. More tourists.
  • Snotty employees who won’t make eye contact if you’re not carrying an expensive purse.

We know we must have forgotten something. Weigh in on city vs. country shopping in the comments!

[Image of woman shopping in city and woman shopping at the mall via Shutterstock]