UVA Men’s Swim Team: “2 Of Us Are Gay, The Other 3 Don’t Care”

The Internet has been abuzz lately with Tumblr blogs like I, Too, Am Harvard and I, Too, Am Oxford, which focused on the experiences of students of color amongst the mostly white populations at elite universities. Mostly the signs highlight ignorant remarks based on stereotypes students have been subjected to.

Here’s another Tumblr in the same vein, but with a slightly different take: We Are All UVA. Students of all backgrounds and sexual orientations pose holding signs hashtagged #WeAreAllUVA explaining what they contribute to the big melting pot that is the UVA campus. My absolute favorite is this one: five young men from the UVA swim team holding a sign that reads, “2 of us are gay, the other 3 don’t care.”

One of the gay swimmers is Parker Camp from Nashville, a UVA senior on the varsity swim team who came out to his mom recently and shared the letter with OutSports. The other gay swimmer posing in the photo wished his identity to be kept private — and his teammates are fine with that.

On today of all days, it’s a really good feeling to have hope for the youth of America, isn’t it?

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[Image via WeAreAllUVA.Tumblr.com]