Found: My New Favorite Running Shorts

In my continuing quest to become a runner, I’ve conquered a number of mental obstacles, but until recently, had yet to figure out the solution to a more tangible challenge: finding running clothes that are comfortable and functional for my big-busted, short, curvy body (not exactly the shape most athletic companies cater to). After finally tracking down my dream sports bra, my next goal was to find a pair of running shorts. The requirements:

  • Thick spandex, because those flimsy nylon running shorts just don’t cut it.
  • Don’t fall down, ride up, pinch, sag, or require any adjustments while running.
  • Don’t make my thighs look like freshly stuffed sausages.
  • Have a zip pocket for my keys, gym ID card, etc.
  • Not too short.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? After buying and trying many different types of running tights, leggings, and shorts with results that ranged from “god, no!” to “meh,” I took Moving Comfort’s 7.5″ Endurance Shorts for a test run (literally), and fell in love. They meet all my requirements and more. Here’s why they’re awesome:

1. The Length. The 7.5 inch inseam prevents thigh chafing, but is still short enough to be flattering and show off my newfound running muscles. Woohoo!

2. The Waistband. It’s wide, with a mid rise that doesn’t dig in or create a muffin top. If you’ve got a round belly (represent!), it keeps you “held in” enough to make running more comfortable, not to mention more flattering. It’s also adjustable.

3. The Amount Of Stretch. Somehow these shorts stay put — seriously, through running, pilates, biking, whatever, they DO NOT budge — without digging in anywhere or causing the dreaded sausage casing effect. It might be black magic. I’m not questioning it, just grateful for it.

4. The Cotton Lining. One issue I have with a lot of performance fabrics is skin irritation. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and sweat + friction + high-tech fabric = lovely skin issues galore. The inner thighs and crotch area of the Endurance shorts are lined with cotton, which makes a huge difference in comfort and the general happiness of my skin.

5. They come in sizes XS to 2X. The cut and stretch make these shorts a great option for women of many different shapes and sizes, so I’m glad they come in more sizes than the traditional S/M/L options (for size reference, I’m 5’3″, size 10-12, and the large fits me great). Moving Comfort is the same company that makes my favorite sports bra, and I can’t sing their praises enough when it comes to cute, functional workout wear for a wide variety of body types. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to stop focusing on my clothes when I run, and just focus on running instead. So rad.

[Endurance 7.5″ Shorts, $46, Moving Comfort]