Adam Levine’s Kmart Fashion Line Includes An “Africa” T-Shirt, Jorts With Suspenders & (Sadly) No Baja Hoodies

Well, color me shocked and disappointed. Adam Levine has launched a women’s and men’s fashion line with Kmart and it is full of Coachella- and wallet-friendly items you can basically already purchase from stores like Forever 21 and the Mossimo section at Target. Well, except for that white model’s Africa shirt. That is an Adam Levine signature piece, I assume. Anyway, the relative banal-ness of a fashion line created by Adam Levine is hardly shocking or disappointing. What IS shocking and disappointing, specifically to me, is that Adam did not design an affordably priced, poorly manufactured Baja hoodie for either men or women.

I need to address Adam directly on this point. WTF, Adam? You have one job. Okay, you have many jobs, you are quite busy, but as far as this fashion line is concerned, in my opinion you had one job and that was to further the proliferation of Baja hoodies into mainstream fashion. Not everyone can afford the designer versions that you wear and the authentic drug rugs can be hard to come by, especially on the east coast. What stopped you? Were you distracted by the hard decision over which “Africa” font to use on that T-shirt? No excuse, really. I hope to see this mistake rectified if and when Kmart decides to order another collection from you, although I gotta say that without the Bajas, which you could have easily charged $14.99 for, it’s not looking good. Bummer, bro. [via Jezebel]