Vanessa Hudgens & Aaron Paul Are Just Some Of The Celebs Demanding And/Or Receiving Big Bucks To Attend Coachella

Something that makes me perhaps irrationally angry: the fact that the richer and more famous a celeb gets, the less he or she has to pay for. In fact, the richer a celeb gets, the more money is thrown at them to do things they would normally pay to do anyway. For example! Lea Michele, Aaron Paul, Kate Bosworth and Vanessa Hudgens are just some of the celebs who are either definitely being paid or demanding to be paid mad money to attend this weekend’s Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. They are all celebs who’ve attended the festival for fun in the past — Hudgens’ entire wardrobe is made up of Coachella-friendly gear and Paul famously met his perfect wife there a few years ago — but when fame presents an opportunity to MAKE money off something you would normally pay for, I guess you go for it.

Lea Michele is being paid a handsome $20,000 by Lacoste to attend the hipster-hippie festival in their decidedly preppy clothes, which I guess is a fair rate for sticking out like a sore thumb in tennis whites and polo shirts. Vanessa Hudgens, meanwhile, is being paid $15,000 by McDonald’s to attend, and I sure as shit hope that means she’s required to wear a Ronald McDonald wig and clown nose. But probably not. Meanwhile, Kate Bosworth is demanding $30,000, Aaron Paul is begging for $15,000 and VIP passes, and Joe Jonas reportedly wants a figure “under $20,000″ (how generous!).

Maybe this is just me, but I get weird and awkward when asking people who owe me money to pay me back, so I can’t imagine asking to be paid five figures to attend an event I can more than afford and would pay for myself. Especially since attending a festival like Coachella is actually barely affordable for the average middle class music fan. I’d be too embarrassed to ask for and accept such luxuries, I think. Mind you, that sense of shame explains why I’ll probably never be rich. (Or attend Coachella.) [NY Daily News]