Would You Share A Coffee Cup With Everyone In Your City?

Later this month, a group of students in New York City are pioneering a new program called “Good To Go” which would reuse coffee cups around the city. The Brooklyn Roasting Company in DUMBO, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, will begin the program on April 15, when caffeine addicts can drink from a light, reusable cup and then bring it back some other time. The cups will be sanitized before they’re reused on other customers. There is also a possibility of creating perks for coffee drinkers who reuse cups, like waiting in shorter lines similar to a “carpool lane.” 

The Good To Go coffee cup-sharing program uses the same idea as the bike-sharing programs underway in Paris, London, Montreal, New York City , Washington, D.C., Boston, and several cities in China. In the case of reusable coffee cups, the Earth’s good citizens would be preventing untold numbers of coffee cups from ending up in the landfill. According to Good To Go’s web site, New Yorkers toss seven million throwaway cups into the trash each day.

To be honest, at first my germaphobic self balked at the idea. Do I really trust the cups will be properly washed between each use? Doesn’t that seem unhygienic? Then I realized it’s basically the same idea as every single time I’ve eaten off flatware or drank out of glasses in a restaurant. I would very much like to be a more sustainable coffee drinker, while at the same time not get saddled with carrying around a water bottle all the time. The amount of waste that I create with throwaway cups from my local coffee house and Starbucks is one of the main reasons I’m trying to switch over to using my Keurig before work. (K-cups create a smaller amount of waste than Sbux’s paper and plastic cups and some versions are even biodegradable.) But if Good To Go ever makes it over to any of the neighborhoods that I frequent, I might just give it a go.

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