Wait, What The Hell Is A “Full-Bush Brazilian?”

According to NYMag.com’s exploration of what’s hot in hair down there, the latest pubic hairstyle trending for Brooklyn-ite Hippie girls “with porny sex lives, who need to be hairless for licking,” is the “full-bush Brazilian.” You’re probably wondering what the hell that is, because it sounds like an oxymoron. Brazilian bikini wax = hairless, full bush = lots of hair, so, the math seems off.

The full-bush Brazilian is defined as a wax job which includes “removing the hair from the labia and butt crack (in accordance with Brazilian-waxing tradition) while leaving everything on top fully grown.”  A “pubic reverse mullet”: party up top, business at the bottom. The vaginal version of “having it all.” The “normcore of pubes.”

Stephanie Kaulesar of Manhattan’s Completely Bare Salon confirmed that the trend is not limited to the hipster vaginas of the trendiest parts of Brooklyn.

“We’ve seen a slight uptick in requests for a more natural bikini shape on top, but are finding women are still keeping the labia and inner buttocks completely bare,” said Kaulesar.

I’m sure we’ll all continue styling our pubic hair in a way that makes us feel good, but as all trends seem to come ’round again, pubic hair is officially back in style for your vagina. Well, at least the upper part. [NYMag.com]

[Photo from Shutterstock]