It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Ami Angelowicz

Incredibly tragic news out of Frisky HQ: today is our beloved Ami Angelowicz’s last day at The Frisky. After nearly five years and 4,923 posts, Ami is headed on to her next grand adventure, running Investigation Discovery’s blog (Don’t worry, I’ve already started to concoct ways to make her absence as unnoticeable as possible. She’ll still be writing for us on occasion and I will totally look the other way if she just wants to keep working from her desk.) We’re all so sad to see her go, but extremely excited for her as well and wanted to send her off with some delicious Voga Italia cocktails (and Sauza tequila for Jess!), a poem and a few parting gifts. Check out some video we took at yesterday’s little goodbye party above, check out the full text of our epic “Ode to Ami,” and offer your own well wishes in the comments! We love you, Ami!


As you close this chapter in your book, we hope you’ll take some time to look
And see the faces of people who’ll miss you, and if you’re lucky, we’ll also kiss you.
So on your way to Investigation Discovery, know that we’ll all be seeking recovery
For no one can teach us about dating, sex and poo
Quite with the elegance and hilarity that you do.

We will miss your drawer of healthy snacks and will never forget how you always had our backs
Let’s not leave out your array of sex slideshows, how the hell did you find the time to do all those?
We’ll miss your relentless optimism, even though it wasn’t in the job description,
Oh, the things we’ll miss, I could go on and on,
Like how we always loved to gossip about dudes who’ve done us wrong.

Thank you for being a bright spot, an essential part of this motley lot.
Who will sing show tunes at their desk? Who will giggle at a celeb hot mess?
When we see your lonely lumbar support, we’ll have to hold back our own sad discomfort.
So while we send you off to do even greater things, we find solace in knowing,
No one is more deserving.

When we read your old posts we’ll be both wistful and blue, we’ll think of you when we go to yoga class too.
Your edits made our essays so much more worthwhile, what will we do without your wit to crack our smiles?
When I am lost I’ll reflect upon your wisdom, because you’ve claimed me as a convert to Spiritual Eclecticism.
You are The Frisky’s go-to for advice, and we’ll still always ask,
“What Would Ami Do To Make This Right?”

Whether writing about love or different kinds of farts, your words always touched our hearts.
Your editing skills are straight-up magic, you saved my posts from being tragic.
Behind the scenes you were a reliable source, of laughter, comfort, and .GIFs of horse.
We promise to keep The Frisky shining bright, but Ami,
We sure will miss your light.

But before this ode comes to a close, allow me a moment to explain why this blows
From anal tattoos and prancercise, to squirting and Shithead
You’ve always known what would go viral, so our traffic better not bleed
How will we go on, not knowing what it is you wear? Oh god, someone please grab me an emotional wheelchair
There is no other like you, that we have all been lucky enough to see
Ami Angelowicz, you are fucking AFB.