What Double Standard Drives You Crazy?

Oh, good ol’ double standards! Reddit asked its users yesterday which double standard they hate most in modern society and commenters, both male and female, had some pretty sobering (and funny) observations to share. Do these ring true in your own life?


Society: be yourself! Society: no, not like that


Men’s pants have pockets. Many women’s pants don’t. Pockets for all! Pockets for all! Pockets for all!


Media & society: Sex is bad you shouldn’t do it! What, you’re 16 and you haven’t had sex?! You should wait to you’re married to have sex. Hey, here’s sexual images in every single fucking commercial on t.v. oh yeah but porn’s evil


Jimmy down the street gets addicted to cocaine, and he’s a “Crackhead.” A celebrity gets addicted to cocaine and they “need help, that poor soul.”


You need to have years of experience to land a job. You need a job to develop experience.


Two people arrested for the same crime under the same circumstances getting vastly different sentences based solely on income. e.g. “Affluenza”


Bisexual women are always ‘accused’ of just going through a phase/doing it for attention and that they are really just straight.

Bisexual men are ‘accused’ of actually being gay and in denial.

Both are (generally) assumed to be solely attracted to men.


We judge ourselves by our thoughts and intentions, and others by their actions.


I always find it odd when people refer to the time a dad spends with his kids as “babysitting”. Dude, it’s not “babysitting”, it’s called “being a dad”.


Why is it that men can go shirtless but I can’t!?! When it’s hot and I’m at the beach I just want to let the girls roam free!! Also, bad tan lines. :(


Sexual harassment in the work place by females. I have a good sense of humor and am friendly with all of my co-workers, but the things that some of the women say to me (a male) would get me fired if it were the other way around. It’s not a huge deal because I just deal with it, but if these same woman had a man doing the same to them, his ass would be out of there in a heartbeat.


It’s actually really worrying sometimes how often women can get away with attacking and sometimes injuring men, and we are simply told to “man up”.


Boys will be boys. Why the fuck should bad behavior be excused because of their gender? Oh well their products of their environment you say? So is everybody else. Bad behavior is bad behavior, gender should not be an excusing factor.


Break into a house and steal the stuff inside: go to jail. Steal the house: get bonuses and government bailouts.


Penis pumps covered by insurance, no one cares. Cover birthcontrol for un-wed women? NOT ON MY RELIGION.


Single woman over 40: Lonely spinster; Single man over 40: Womanizer.

Example: Drives me nuts that George Clooney is considered the ultimate bachelor while Jennifer Aniston is seen as lonely and desperate.


For me, as a person with bipolar disorder, it would be the fact that if I had a cancer or other serious physical health issue I could go out and tell people. People would comfort me. Just about everyone would understand and provide me with support. If I go and tell people that I have bipolar disorder I may not get a very pleasant reaction. I may even lose some friends or ruin my reputation.


The fact that everyone complains about double standards individually, but as a society we uphold them.

Any of these things ring true for you? Let’s do something about it! There’s only so much about the big picture that we can change on our own, but every day we do have a choice, as individuals, to play a part in shaping our reality through our actions. Let’s choose a world that’s a bit more fair. In the meantime, at least we have the humor of the internet to soften the blow.


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