The Penn Women’s Lacrosse Team Totally Trashed A Bar Last Weekend

Last weekend, the University of Pennsylvania women’s lacrosse team got a little too crazy at a bar — breaking glass and flashing people crazy. According to Casey Neff, general manager of Fado Irish Pub in Center City, PA, 50 guests arrived under the lacrosse team’s reservation and proceeded to wreak havoc all night.

The party stayed on way past its scheduled 11 p.m. ending and broke a light fixture, stole a bottle of liquor from the bar, smoked pot in the bathroom and chose to “expose a young woman’s genitals” to the “adulation of the rest of the party.” Adulation isn’t quite the word choice I would have expected in this situation, but we’ll go with it.

The worst part? The team tipped less than four percent on their $1,300 bill. That is some bad karma.

Neff doesn’t plan to press charges, as the bar staff wasn’t able to determine the names of any individuals who ruined things, but he has asked that the University help pay for the damage that was done to the bar. Disturbingly, Neff said the team’s actions represented “patterns of behavior with [Penn] groups over several years.” In fact, group reservations from Wharton, Penn’s business school, are already banned at the bar.

The situation was such a shitshow that it actually forced the managers of the bar to hold a special meeting on Monday about implementing a policy on how to handle future Penn reservations. “We will assess reservations case by case and do a thorough job finding out what the event is for,” he said. “It would be unfair to exclude [students from one university] based on the actions of a few.”

“I know of several students that are regulars and not only behave well, but are some of our favorite customers,” Neff said.

Mike Mahoney, Penn’s Athletic Communications Director, released the following statement:

“We have been made aware of the allegations by Fado, and we are deeply concerned about them. Our coaches and senior staff are meeting with the members of the women’s lacrosse team, and we will continue to thoroughly investigate the allegations around this event. If the description of incidents around this event is accurate and found to involve our team and their guests, this was deplorable behavior that will not be tolerated.”

Conveniently, none of the team’s coaches or players made themselves available to comment to the press. Who knew lacrosse players partied so hard?

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