Preserve Your Best 140-Character Zingers For All Eternity With An Etched Wood “Permanent Retweet”

Have you ever written a truly hilarious, perfectly constructed, exceedingly clever tweet, sent it out into the Twittersphere, and then felt like, “Damn, that’s it?” I mean, 10 retweets and 15 favorites is nice and all, but what if you want your tweet to have a more lasting legacy, to exist in the actual physical world, to be dug up by archeologists 200 years from now, who will surely chuckle at your adept wordplay? Enter #PermanentRetweet, a service that turns tweets into etched wood or metal decorative pieces. Username, Twitter icons, time stamp, and all.

#PermanentRetweet was created by an entrepreneur and branding expert named Brian Thompson, who was “inspired” by his wife telling him to stop staring at his Twitter feed and spend more time in the “real world.” Ta-da! “Real world” tweets were born. For $20, the tweet of your choice will be etched onto a 2.5 x 6 inch piece of wood or metal, which you can then stare at instead of talking to your wife.

The service could mean big bucks for popular Twitter users whose puns and words of wisdom get turned into #PermanentRetweets. “When someone orders a #PermanentRetweet that they didn’t write themselves, I’m giving two-thirds of the purchase price to the original tweeter,” says Thompson. Clever tweeters, get crackin’! [Yahoo Tech]