This Student Got Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Kwasi Enin, a 17-year-old from Long Island, has a whole lot of options for his college career. This time of year usually brings handwringing for high school students as decision letters from universities roll in, but not for Enin. He was accepted to all eight schools in the Ivy League and now has his pick between Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Yale and Penn.

Enin intends to become a doctor one day and would also like to study music. He ranks 11th in his high school class and scored a 2250 on his SAT. He’s taken 11 AP classes and volunteers at a local hospital. He even finds time to sing in his school’s a cappella group! The first-generation Ghanaian’s parents are both nurses, and Enin says financial aid will be key in helping him decide where to enroll — he has until May 1 to choose a school.

Enin began to consider applying to all the Ivies in 10th or 11th grade because each school had distinct qualities that appealed to him. “My heart skipped a beat when he told me he was applying to all eight,” said his high school guidance counselor. “It’s a big deal when we have students apply to one or two Ivies. To get into one or two is huge. It was extraordinary….He’s going to be a leader in whatever he chooses.” Sigh, if only all of our high school senior springs had been so low-stress.

“I’m thinking of being a cardiologist or neurologist,” Enin said. “A doctor is a community leader, a protector, someone who people turn to … when they need help.”

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