Tell Us: What Never Fails To Make You Laugh?

Yesterday I confessed to Ami that ever since she told me that her dad buys every single CD they sell at Starbucks, I haven’t been able to stop laughing about it. I just get so much joy from this knowledge and the image of her dad getting really excited about new releases at the register when buying a latte. She told me this, like, 2 years ago and it’s become a Forever Laugh. What’s a Forever Laugh, you ask? It’s a memory/joke/scene/mental image that will ALWAYS make you laugh, from now until your dying day, and may cause you to burst into giggles at the most inappropriate times. Forever Laughs are awesome because when you’re sad or stressed, you can just conjure one up, laugh, and feel a little better. I asked the rest of the Frisky ladies to share some of their FLs. Check them out below, and tell us yours in the comments!


  • That time my boyfriend tried on a pair of really tiny pants.
  • The kid at summer camp who bellyflopped into a vat of tomato soup.
  • “Adele Dazeem.”
  • The time my awful boss told the IT guy that people were complaining that her phone made her sound like a robot.
  • When Tanning Mom wore a bow.
  • The guy who dressed as his girlfriend’s vagina for Halloween.


  • Any time a toddler stuffs smears really mushy food across her face.
  • Baby pandas falling off slides, ladders and rocking horses.
  • Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation.
  • Anything and everything from “Wondershowzen.”



  • Brad Pitt doing the mangina.
  • Lucca humping her toy is never not hilarious to me.
  • This GIF forever and always:

  • Every single story in Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.
  • The fact that for years my cable bill came to Emilia McDoel-Pizon.
  • The time that I pretended to be Southern for an entire night while at Mardi Gras and told people I was from Raleigh, which I pronounced “RUH-LAY.”
  • My cum rag infographic.
  • The time my brother, who was then five-years-old and a total fucking nerd obsessed with space and science and shit, sincerely wanted to dress up as Stephen Hawking for Halloween and didn’t realize that it would be perceived as offensive. (That makes me laugh in a “how cute and innocent!” way not in a laughing at a wheelchair-bound genius sort of way, FYI.)


  • That time in college the cops showed up to break up a “party” in my backyard only to find my roommate eating takeout in a lawn chair surrounded by beer cans.
  • That time a guy at a party tried to impress a group of girls by telling them he killed a bear with his bare hands.
  • Every time my three-year-old niece looks at someone and says “MAN UP.”
  • Every time someone unknowingly tickles my niece causing her to fart on them.
  • The thought of my pregnant sister laughing and peeing on herself regularly.
  • Cutting off the CEO during his company wide presentation and keeping my job.
  • That time I played Cards Against Humanity with my in-laws and they asked for the definition of pixelated bukkake.


  • Miss Chanandler Bong.
  • The time my ex-boyfriend split his pants at prom doing the “how low can you go?” part of the cha-cha slide.
  • The kid in high school class who ran away to a local park with a wheely suitcase full of comics and goldfish.
  • This scene from “Superbad.”
  • Ross Gellar’s spray tan dilemma.
  • There’s a book called What’s Your Poo Telling You? with a poo called “The Hanging Chad.” It’s that pesky poo that just dangles. Now, any time I date an asshole, my sister refers to him as Chad. Full Name: Hanging Chad.

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